Lakeshorts 2015 Was a Huge Success!

2015 Schedule of Events

May 1 - Scotiabank Loved and Local

  • Date & Location: May 1 at the The Assembly Hall (Location)
  • Time: — 6:30 PM - Pre-performance reception Blue Carpet with refreshments from Steam Whistle, East Dell, Pulcinella — 8:00 pm - The  screening begins
  • Suggested dress: Casual Chic
  • Hosted by: renowned Canadian actor Rick Roberts

May 2 - Gala Screening

  • Date & Location: May 2 at the The Assembly Hall (Location)
  • Time: — 6:30 PM - Pre-performance reception Blue Carpet featuring refreshments from Steam Whistle, East Dell and Local Fine Food Establishments — 7:30 PM - The  screening begins
  • Suggested dress: Dressy Chic
  • Hosted by : The renowned movie critic Richard Crouse

May 2 - The Long and Short of It

  • Date & Location: May 2 at the The Assembly Hall (Location)
  • Time: 10:30 am
  • 'The Long and Short of It' Industry Panel Moderated by Zoie Palmer. Panelists are Jeremy Lalonde, Avi Federgreen, Karen Walton, Shauna MacDonald, David Lester and Ryan Goldhar.
  • Free Admission

May 2 - Cultural Hotspot Launch

  • Date & Location: May 2 at the The Assembly Hall (Location)
  • Time: 12:30 pm
  • Jazz, bhangra, spoken word performances and more, plus the screening of Why I Love Etobicoke
  • Followed by Screening of the Best of Lakeshorts at 1:30 pm
  • Free Admission

Selected Films

2015 Selected Films

Loved and Local Selections

  • Flush –Brandi Marie Ward – Canada LFFI - 2 min
  • Street Meet – Jacob Hanania – Canada – 6 min
  • Intervention – Kimberly Huie – Canada – 5 min
  • Hipster Brunch – Milo Shandel – Canada – 7 min
  • Le Canadien Francaise – Charles Grenier – Canada – 6 min
  • Coffee Grinder – Derek Barnes – Canada – 8 min
  • Gloria – Sarah Choi – Canada – 8 min
  • Frozen Marbles – David Lester – Canada – 14 min
  • Balkoni – Lendita Zeqiraj – Kosovo – 20 min
  • Spiegeltje – Nico van den Brink – The Netherlands – 7 min
  • Jaya – Puja Maewal – India – 19 min
  • Serpent's Lullaby – Patricia Chica – Canada – 13 min

Gala Selections

  • Flush  – Brandi Marie Ward – Canada LFFI – 2 min
  • The Divorce – David Scheinmann and Danny Scheinmann – United Kingdom – 17min
  • Open 24 Hours – Henry Chaisson (Student Spectrum) – USA – 7 min
  • Spiegeltje – Nico van den Brink – The Netherlands – 7 min
  • Lure – Kyle Robinson – USA – 4 min
  • Aurelia – Jade Courtney Edwards – UK, France and USA – 12 min
  • Balkoni – Lendita Zeqiraj – Kosovo – 20 min
  • Jaya – Puja Maewal – India – 19 min
  • Intervention – Kimberly Huie – Canada – 5 min
  • Le Canadian Francaise – Charles Grenier  – Canada – 5 min
  • The Astronaut's Kiss –Marius Conrotto  – Spain – 8 min

  • Coffee Grinder

    Coffee Grinder

    Mike and Sasha's morning commute takes a turn for the worse when a crime-hardened thug blocks the road. Tired, stressed and depressingly un-caffeinated, Mike has to defend Sasha against the obnoxious thug - and redeem his dwindling manhood.
  • Flush


    A rare glimpse of the subtle drama that unfolds within the walls of a public ladies room.
  • Street Meet

    Street Meet

    Kathryn met Sam on a busy downtown street, and he swept her off her feet with a simple question: ‘Beautiful day, isn’t it?’
  • Spiegeltje


    Unaware of the events unfolding outside, a young girls tries to find a moment of peace in the serenity of a high school bathroom.
  • Lure


    A young couple head out for dinner and a night on the town. They walk through a chancy part of the city and a local changes their evening plans.
  • The Astronaut's Kiss

    The Astronaut's Kiss

    Fran and Vero disagree whether the light should be on or off? Neither explain the real reason. They both have something to hide.
  • Gloria


    A young dancer moves to New York City in hopes of joining a renowned company, but faces disappointment and challenges on the way. Gloria is a short, experimental dance film about rising above rejections, and holding onto one’s dreams.
  • Divorce


    Laughter and tears in this endearing short film about a couple who seek a divorce but come unstuck when their Rabbi sets them an unorthodox challenge.
  • Serpent's Lullaby

    Serpent's Lullaby

    It took Medusa a thousand lives to stare at what she couldn't see. SERPENT’S LULLABY presents an unexpected and emotional twist on the myth of the Gorgon.
  • Open 24 Hours

    Open 24 Hours

    In the dead of night, Russell stops to purchase gas and a pair of suspicious tools.
  • La Canadienne Francaise

    La Canadienne Francaise

    In Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal, Thomas Stein a francophile from Toronto, meets Jeanne, a hung-over Montréalaise who just got her bed sheets stolen.
  • Jaya


    Young Jaya survives brutal gang life on Mumbai's unforgiving streets by posing as a boy.
  • Hipster Brunch

    Hipster Brunch

    A painfully hip couple seek out the perfect brunch experience, only to have their hopes and dreams shattered. A sympathetic, and hip, restaurant manager tries to help.
  • Frozen Marbles

    Frozen Marbles

    Reuniting on the anniversary of a painful loss, two sisters continue a tradition they do every year: keeping each other awake all night until the sun comes up.
  • Balconi


    Kosovo nowadays. Jeton, a 10-year-old boy is sitting on the edge of a balcony on the 4th floor. Neighbors and passers-by, terrified by this situation, call the police and firefighters for help.
  • Aurelia


    Set in the French Riviera, this coming-of-age drama follows 14-year old Aurelia in her attempt to navigate the complexities of adolescence.


Balkoni a71 Agency 71 Inc. – Blue Wave Award. An In-Kind voucher, valued at $5,000 of art and design services.
Jaya deluxenewlogo Deluxe – Canada First Award. An In-Kind voucher, valued at $5,000 of post-production services on your next film.
Le Canadien Francaise ww_logo_inv William F White – An In-Kind voucher, valued at $2,500 of motion picture equipment rental.
Intervention steamwhistle Steam Whistle Brewery – Home Grown Award. In home Keg Party from Steam Whistle.
Serpent’s Lullaby scotia_small Scotiabank – Most Original Film - $200
Faimida Shaikh toronto_small City of Toronto – Best Performance - $200
Jessica Rose ah_logo The Assembly Hall – Emerging Artist - $200
Spiegeltje TamarackLogow180 Tamarack Lodge – Best Foreign Film - $200
Frozen Marbles Cinespace Cinespace Award – Studio rental in kind



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